Day 78: Reset

When I started this project, I cashed a check for $162.52 to get the 16,252 pennies. That was the last check of an annuity inheritance from Dad.

Or so I thought.

I got a letter from New York Life asking why I hadn’t cashed the check for February. Huh? I looked at my records and sure enough, no $162.52 deposit for that month. I guess I never got it.

They sent me a new check. Which I appreciated quite a lot, for two reasons: 1. Money is tight at the moment. 2. It allowed me to take a class in kilnforming glass.

And just in time. The figure drawing class has been extremely disappointing. In two classes of three hours each, I don’t feel I learned a single thing. The instructor does not even attempt to explain what he is doing while demonstrating a technique; he just prattles on about whatever thought comes into his head, nothing to do with figure drawing.

I dropped that class today and got a partial refund, which I am applying towards a drawing class that’s more structured.

The glass class feels more like a luxury. I have loved fused glass since I first laid eyes on it; if I were wealthy I would fill my house with it. The very idea that I could make even a simple glass piece just thrills me.

Another way to remain faithful to the light.

It seems very odd that I should get another check from Dad just now. It is a reinforcement of this new determination to follow my heart’s desire.

Thanks, Dad.

Today’s penny has to be another 2015, reaffirming my direction for this year.

Day 78 2015