Massage ex Machina

Brandon was like a massage Ninja. Smooth moves, silent, but he left an indelible impression.

I hadn’t had a massage in a long time. I only had this one because I wanted Tom to get one. I’m too cheap with myself.

Oooooh it was great. Oil with lavender. No pounding, but my muscles melted. Limp rag afterwards.

When we got home, we were so relaxed that we took an hour and half nap.

For our evening entertainment, we watched “Ex Machina.” The plot revolves around a mad scientist type who makes an artificial intelligence machine that presents itself as a woman.

Smooth moves, silent, and left a definite impression on the male visitor.

I kept thinking about my massage.

Call me a technophobe – you’d be wrong – but no mechanical being will ever give a massage like Brandon.

We can develop robots that work for us, and that have nice synthetic skin and pleasant voices. I’m OK with that – especially if they bring me a latte in bed.

But there is nothing like muscle against muscle, and never will be.

Today’s penny is a 2000, the year that Honda introduced the ASIMO humanoid robot. ASIMO stands for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility.