About this project

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The Weight of My Days project officially began July 7, 2015, with seven boxes of pennies: 16,252 of them.

My goal is to create a sculpture, one day at a time, built with pennies and daily reflections about time, structures, metal, inheritance, value, and the meaning of each small unit that becomes a life.

If I live to be 100, all the pennies will be in the sculpture and it will be completed.

I created a few rules about the project, which I outlined in the first post, on July 7, 2015.

The number of pennies comes from the amount of the last check from my father: the final installment of a monthly annuity of $162.52 paid out for five years after his death.

This project is also a tribute to him.

In February 2017, I stopped publishing the blog. This was to prevent self-censorship and to allow me to write unselfconsciously and truthfully about my days.