Making room for art

About a year ago, I took a few drawing classes that made me very unhappy. The teachers offered little in the way of actual instruction. There were no learning objectives set out, no clear progression of skills outlined for us. We drew the model and the instructor made random comments and remarks that were intended … read more Making room for art

Flying, falling

The smoke poured in from the hallways. The fire below raged like a huge demon.  They could die of smoke inhalation. They could die in the flames. They could die when the floor collapsed under their feet. Or they could be free. They made a choice.  Perhaps for some there was a wild glimmer of … read more Flying, falling

Day 81: On the grid

Grids: Some drawing teachers refuse to use them. Perhaps they believe that drawing something wrong, over and over, is better because it’s unaided. Grids can be used to scale an image: Take a 5 by 7 print of a photo, and draw lines dividing it into 35 one-inch boxes. Then draw 35 three-inch boxes on an 18 by 24 sheet … read more Day 81: On the grid

Day 67: Contours

He had no sharp angles. Every part of him offered curved lines. Every muscle had definition and volume. The model was perfect for drawing cross-contour lines… the lines which we practiced in the exercise for today, my first class in figure drawing. First, the “swoop” – the gesture line that describes the basic posture, following … read more Day 67: Contours