Workouts on paper

The state of my brain has begun to come out in my construction paper workouts.

One that partially expresses the feeling of having been attacked:

abstract ideas-5250
[Blur from slow shutter speed]
Trying to regain my sense of equilibrium:

abstract ideas-5239

From yesterday, one that gets at the resistance from my brain to my own commands:

abstract ideas-5234

Here’s me, with my ever-shifting levels of energy:

abstract ideas-5226

abstract ideas-5227

abstract ideas-5228

And here is me and my fear of the mantel:

fear of the mantel

These primitive expressions, confined as they were by the self-imposed rules of my game, feel good to do, even though I am slower now. At least I am doing it.

It’s still an improvisational workout. On a very special muscle.

Today’s penny is a 2014, because I did 14 improv compositions in two 25-minute workouts.

abstract 2014


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  1. Seriously, i love these color shapes. Aside from expressions of your experience, they are a form meditative art to me. I stare at the simple graphic ones on the black background and feel calmed. i’m not sure what that says about MY brain:). call you this pm. We might have to make our afternoon calls a long term habit.

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