The old orange dragon

While cleaning out my closet last Saturday, I took out this vest and decided that after 25 years it was ready for another owner.

I have not worn it much – too fancy for casual wear, and I don’t go to a lot of parties. Also, it has orange, which is just not my color.

The reason I kept it so long is that it’s made from silk that I bought when I lived in China. The pattern is an elaborate entwining of fighting dragons:


As I looked at the fabric, I saw that it was worth a closer examination. The dragons really are splendid. I felt the smooth threads and began to remember all the dragons of China – in marble, in murals, in fabric, on fans, on pottery.

All the ways that beauty can be expressed in ferocity.

Flames, scales, wings of orange … what could this vest be but orange?

Can I still tap into that passion?

I thought, well, OK, I’ll keep it just long enough to take a series of hypermacro photos.

Tonight I was going to a party of our community artist’s group. I tried on various outfits – and then my eyes fell on the dragon vest.

When I put it on and went to the party, I felt lighter. Almost pretty. My feet began to dance.

I had a good time – saw old friends, made new friends, had great food, laughed, relaxed.

Got compliments on the vest – yes, despite the fact that it’s orange.

I guess I will keep it after all.

Today’s penny is a 1992, when I had this vest made.


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  1. If you ever decide to get rid of it again, let me know. I could either use it in your scrapbook or make some sort of applique wall hanging out of it. I mean what are sisters for 🙂

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