A world of snow

Everything was cancelled by 10 a.m. here – because we had, what, 1/2″ of snow? Not even enough to go snowshoeing…

I brought a clump of snow inside, and sat it on a black board to study it with my camera.

Here’s what I found:

snow macro big picture

A whole world in less than an inch.

snow macro dancer

A dancer in midair.

snow macro 21

An advancing glacier with jewels of flames.

Exploring these tiny worlds is a meditation that never fails me.

[For an explanation of how these photos were shot, see this post. I now call this technique hypermacro.]

Today’s penny is a 2012, the year I discovered the hypermacro technique.

feb 9 2012

One thought on “A world of snow”

  1. I love that the first photo resembles two hearts just in time for Valentines Day.

    BEAUTUFUL technique with the 2 lenses. You are ALWAYS experimenting!

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