Target achieved

It took five months. But today I achieved my target weight. I’m finally at a “normal” weight, instead of “overweight,” for my height, according to the standards of the Body Mass Index.

I’ve lost 25 pounds since March 1. That’s an average of about a pound a week, which is the pace at which weight-loss experts say you can keep it off.

My diet plan is in this previous post. My exercise is five times a week, at least 45 minutes each time – hiking, swimming, walking, elliptical, kayaking, water aerobics. The other crucial element was relaxation methods, because so much of my eating was sheer nerves or boredom.

I actually hit my target weight on Saturday, but I don’t count the weight as “achieved” unless I hit it three days in a row.

And today was the third day.

To celebrate, I wore a pair of extremely short, skimpy shorts to the grocery store.

Tom growled appreciatively.

Today’s penny is a 2001. I think that’s the last time I weighed this little.

7 thoughts on “Target achieved”

  1. Congrats Lisa! I know how hard it is to maintain, much less lose, weight as we get older. I hope your home repairs and hubby rehab go well in the coming days and months.

    1. Thanks, France! Yeah, this has been a struggle, but I just needed to buckle down and be strict with myself, mostly.

  2. Good for you, Lisa! You know, I wonder about that BMI calculator. I’m considered obese at 5-8, 205 (yes, I need to lose weight), so I put in my weight when I was 18, 165. Still considered overweight even though back then I played basketball for about four hours a day, six days a week, plus softball, football and working full time as a grocery clerk. There was very little fat on me then.

    1. You’re right, BMI is suspect because it doesn’t account for the fact that muscle weighs more than fat!

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