Day 69: Six and nine

Day 69: When I was in high school, any mention of the number 69 would send us into a fit of giggles. We thought we were very savvy and cool for knowing the code number for mutual oral sex.
When I first saw the symbol for my astrological sign, Cancer, I did a double-take:

Cancer glyph

The glyph represents a crab, Cancer’s mascot, with its round body and claws – not 69.
The descriptions of Cancerians, by the way, fits me remarkably well: moody, sensitive, stubborn, a great lover of domesticity and good cooking.
The ruling planet for this sign is the moon. Another 69 – that is, the year man first walked on the moon.
That was the first major news event I remember being truly engaged in. To this day, when I look at the moon, I can’t believe we were there.
But none of these things are exactly suited to my sentiment for this day, the 69th of this blog.
The day was a perfect balance of rest and study, with a lovely walk on a day of weather perfectly balanced between summer and fall, and a perfect dinner that balanced colors and textures and flavors.
And tying it together is the balance that Tom brings to my life. A man I fit with, head to toe and back to back; who loves me even in my Cancer crabbiness. I would not give up a single day with him for a trip to the moon.
Yes: 6 and 9. It’s a good fit.

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