I’ve just seen a face

I was relaxing on the porch, enjoying the morning solitude of Booger Hollow. Thinking about my life and what to do with it.

ThenĀ I saw a face.

A woman. A slender face. Long slim nose, pouty red lips, very high cheekbones, ivory skin. Somehow she looks Japanese.

It honestly took me a minute to believe that what I was looking at what just an old stained towel hanging up on the line. It was as though she was winking at me.

The towel had been there for a day or so. But I hadn’t noticed the face.

Was my imagination roaming because I was relaxed?

Or was she just waiting to show herself until the moment when I needed a piece of inspiration?

Today’s penny is a 1999, the one and only time I spent a day in Japan, en route to Indonesia.


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