Slivers of autumn light

There’s a light that comes in the fall, one that gathers up everything it touches with warmth and death.

In this light even the simplest thing – a tiny crack in the wood of the porch railing – glows and pulses.

I was out there this morning, camera in hand, keeping my promise to the day.

Morning light on wood

Hypermacro photos are a way of capturing the hold-your-breath slices of autumn that are carved out by this light.

My purpose with this focus on just a couple of millimeters is to bring the viewer to a halt, to make them hold still, the way I hold still when I shoot.

Hypermacros are a photographic way of meditation, in a way that generates ideas.

red leaf

I spent the rest of the day trying various forms of image transfer, and after hours of trial and error produced a few transfers that inspired me to play further tomorrow.

Day 110 is a 2015 penny, a year when I am trying to keep my promises to the light, however vague those promises may be.

Day 110 2015