Fear of the mantel

We have a fireplace with a wood mantel. I’m afraid of it.

I have to walk past this mantel corner to walk to the bookshelves or behind the couch. There’s plenty of room for both of us.

But when I walk past it, I shrink away from it in fear. I put my shoulder and hand up, as though shielding myself from an inevitable blow.

As though the mantel will leap out and strike me on the head.

I know this is irrational. But, like so many of my reactions in my post-aneurysm world, this seems to come from a deep-seated defense mechanism.

Protect the head! Do not re-injure the head!

Look out! Something may jump out and attack you like it did before!

I’m also afraid of the freezer and cupboards. I’ve hit my head on them before, so that makes some sense.

But not as afraid as I am of the mantel.

Maybe because the mantel is bigger. And, unlike the freezer and cupboards, I won’t be able to SLAM it if I hit my head.

I guess I’ll get over this eventually.

Today’s penny is a 2014, because that “4” has some really sharp edges. Watch out!

2014 on mantel