Day 94: Seven days, seven books

As I’m nearing the 100-day mark, I figured it was time to get organized.

I came up with seven categories of posts on this site, but each one is really the baseline (or maybe bass line) of a book.

So I’m calling them Books. The left-hand column is where you can find this bookshelf on any page of the site now.

Sculpture: Aka “The Weight of My Days,” these are the posts about pennies, coins, money, the sculpture I’m making from 16,072 pennies, and this project’s structure.

Places: Short for “Difficult Places,” a book that I worked on for more than two years but didn’t finish, which was an exploration of Africa and the Middle East as a solo backpacker in 1996-97. Includes posts about all kinds of places, the people I met and the culture as I experienced it.

Improvisation: The soul of a book that I have been toying with for more than 15 years now, “The Adventure Girl Cookbook.” It starts from how to make up meals on the fly, based on things I learned while traveling, and it meanders through improvisation and creativity in art, food, work, travel and life.

Reflections: An autobiography, a place to write my memoirs along with commentary on current events, my moods, and other random thoughts.

Inheritance: My ancestry quest, a little historical fiction from my imagination, my upbringing, and all the things I inherited from my parents and their parents.  Scraps for the book “1919” that I’ve been accumulating material on for 20+ years.

Time: I once made a single-copy art book called “Original Pulse.” Memory, the passage of time, infinity, and concepts about the perception of time – it’s a major theme of my abstract art, Original Pulse, and this project.

Spiders: A naturalist’s journal, and my journey from spider-hater to spider-admirer. It’s not only about arachnids, but uses spiders as an analogy for our ambivalent and ignorant relationship with the natural world.

Right now, Time and Places have the least posts and Reflections has the most. But that’ll change. I have no lack of material.

I’m not sure if I’ll assign each category a day of the week, since there are seven. Two considerations: It could force creativity (size of the canvas), or it could spoil the spontaneity of responding to each day as it comes.

Have fun exploring. It’s 2015.