echo echo echo

I wake up in the middle of the night wondering where my jewelry is, or a certain shirt.

I have had nightmares like this. Wandering around, looking for things that I owned. Now it’s just my life.

Stuff in the packout company’s storage, stuff at the house waiting to go into a dumpster, stuff at the rental still in boxes and in strange cupboards and half-occupied rooms, stuff in our storage unit, stuff at the condo in corners and closets, stuff in the cars, stuff at the cabin, stuff stuff stuff

Yesterday I was on a conference call that we had to abort because the echo was really horrible. Every word every word every word

I thought I would have to jump out the window before we could shut it down. It was too much like my head.

I think things, I speak things, and they just bounce back at me as though hitting off a distant mountain.

echo echo echo

Today’s penny is a 2000. 000 000 000