Rainy day spirits

It’s just crumpled plastic wrap. It’s sitting there in the trash can in big wads.

I took a quick snapshot of the plastic wrap to illustrate my post about unwrapping.

But the light in the office is good – subdued, cloudy, coming through the windows and skylights in filtered soft grey because the rain is pouring down at midday. I noticed how the light caught on every little crinkle.

Making beauty. Making cities and waves and faces and figures.

plastic wrap 7169

Dancing figures, full of longing:

plastic wrap 7164

Vengeful gnomes, even:

plastic wrap 7172

Take some cellophane wrap or packing tape and crumple it up.

Hold it under a window.

What do you see?

Today’s penny is a 1999, the 50th anniversary of the year Saran Wrap was introduced.