The woman with the dirty T-shirt

She wavered at the car and the crosswalk, not exactly weaving but not quite steady either.  Her hair was six ways to Christmas, unbrushed; her skin was blotchy and eyes baggy without makeup. Her shorts were too short for a 50-something woman out in public, her T-shirt was stained and crumpled. It seemed she hadn’t … read more The woman with the dirty T-shirt

Day 2: The Morning After

I was really sore today from my massage yesterday and from not enough sleep. We stayed up very late binge-watching Downton Abbey, and I drank more yesterday than even on a holiday weekend – two cocktailsĀ at McCormick and Schmick’s, then two or three of my special cocktail, homemade melon vodka with pomegranate juice. This morning … read more Day 2: The Morning After