Bits of my life

As I continued today to sort paperwork, I fought a particular sadness that always fills me when I dredge through the past. Whether it’s reading old journals, shredding financial records, or just trawling through a pile of memorabilia that I’ve collected, I end up feeling a bit nauseated and sometimes depressed. It isn’t that the memories are bad, … read more Bits of my life

City lights at night

Dark comes so early now – it’s hard to make myself get out and exercise. But the evening was warm, the air moist, a lovely mist had rolled in. I went for a walk in the city. Even that early, 6:15 p.m., the city seemed quiet. Still lots of traffic, but the air itself muffled … read more City lights at night

Law-abiding but oblivious

What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing, from a legal standpoint. There’s a handicapped parking space, and the non-handicapped driver has parked in the adjoining space. However, that adjoining space is where the cutaway sidewalk and ramp come up from the parking area. By parking there, this person has completely cut off access to the pool … read more Law-abiding but oblivious

Advice from my 90-year-old self

I had a talk today with myself – in the year 2049. Or at least, the 90-year-old me was in 2049. I did this because I was feeling stuck and unsure of so many things, as though I’m in my 20s again (horrors!). But then I remembered how I recently gave my 23-year-old self some … read more Advice from my 90-year-old self

Day 66: To the other side, from this side

Day 66 of a fetus: “External genitalia are forming, and after this month, it will have physically developed into either a boy or a girl (though its gender was determined at conception).” So says, which aims to educate pregnant women about what’s going on inside them. Except: Gender is not determined at conception.  A … read more Day 66: To the other side, from this side

Day 62: What is it with the music?

I love music. It’s always been part of my life, from the time I would play with blocks while Mom listened to “The Classics Hour” on the radio. I love all kinds of music. Rap, country, jazz. Glenn Miller, Whitney Houston, Hozier. About the only thing I don’t like is techno, and even that has … read more Day 62: What is it with the music?