What do I call this?

When I had a photography business, I named it Baraka Photos. The name came to me in 2006, while we were living overseas, and before I’d even heard of Barack Obama. “Baraka” means gift or blessing in Arabic and Hebrew. It seemed like the perfect name for the way that I felt about the things … read more What do I call this?

Restoration work

My mother bought this bracelet 40 or 50 years ago, at a flea market or something. It’s sterling silver, from Mexico, and the stone is an amethyst. I always loved it. The stone had a fissure in it, which I thought was intriguing. Then Dad took some jewelry-making classes and replaced the amethyst with turquoise. It was … read more Restoration work

Dad’s necklaces

Dad didn’t have much chance to acquire a taste for expensive jewelry. He was an Ohio farmer boy in a poor German Catholic family, one of eight kids being raised by a widow during the Depression. But he liked jewelry better than Mom, I think. Mom seemed to feel that jewelry was showing off and … read more Dad’s necklaces