Sunday therapy

Finally, a day off.

Slept in. After I made coffee and brunch I was free for a few hours to write while Tom was reading.

Like a normal Sunday.

We came up with an ambitious agenda for the afternoon and evening. We wanted to go to the playfield so that Tom could walk on the track,  then go to fitness center for a swim, and finally rent a pontoon to ride around the lake with a picnic dinner.

I am getting more efficient at doing all the packing for both of us and put it together in less than an hour: shoes for the track, bathing suits and aqua gloves and towels for the pool, change of clothing for the pontoon, sandwiches and salad that could hold up in a cooler for four hours.

At the playfield, Tom did a heroic walk – a full lap, quarter of a mile, with his hemi-walker, and half the track was in direct, hot sun. He stopped twice in the shade, but he made it all the way around. I was so proud of him.

The playfield is a scene of recovery for both of us.


We were in the pool by 5 p.m. and had a full 45-minute workout. We chatted in between laps. The cool water soothed me, and I was so happy to stretch my arms and shoulders. 

The pontoon wasn’t too hard to get to because we were allowed to park in a special slot near the docks where I could wheel Tom down a slope. Pontoons bob like a cork in the water, and so Tom was extra cautious climbing aboard with his walker, but he kept his balance just fine.

Away we sailed, wheelchair and all. 

We cruised for two hours. The descent of daylight on the lake made beautiful patterns. We watched birds and rested our eyes with them on the trees.

Just a normal Sunday. A walk, a swim, and a pontoon ride.

Except this was a lot more than we’d normally do on a Sunday. When we’re both working full-time, Sunday is a day to decompress in the morning, and then start prepping for Monday.  We have seldom taken the time for a pontoon ride, and we’ve rarely combined two outdoor events in a single Sunday.

Seize the day. Don’t wait for a stroke to make you seize it.

Today’s penny is a 2015. Last time we were in the pool together would have been when I was recovering from my surgery.

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  1. Nice story. You nailed the essence of living. I’ve long been a “seize the day” proponent. Accomplishment is nothing without joy.

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