Day 8: Maintenance of beauty

I’ve been working to improve the NearMedia company website today, by adding photos to the projects that are listed.

This is the sort of tedious work that I can’t delegate. I have all my photos fairly well organized, but since I have many tens of thousands of photos, it still takes time to find the right ones for illustrating each project.

Then there’s editing the photos, exporting to size, uploading and inserting, etc. etc.

This time suck of maintenance is why I have been unable to keep a blog going even for a full year. I’ve started perhaps a dozen of them, but they become so tedious to maintain that I lose interest.

But while I was looking for a particular photo, I went to a few of my old blogs. And I read the one I wrote in Timor Leste, called Last Days First Days because it began during my last days in Dubai and continued in my first days in Dili.

The detail in these blog posts blew me away. I had forgotten almost everything that I wrote about in them – and this was just eight years ago.

It makes me sorry that I haven’t been better about journaling, blogging and maintaining all the sites that I have created.

Just like I’m sorry that I got lazy about exercise, diet, and a lot of other good habits.

So here’s to maintenance.

Day 8 2007 4560

The penny for today is 2007, the year in which I wrote Last Days First Days. And it needs some maintenance.

But, like Timor, it has its lovely parts, and its ugly parts.