Quadruple shift

Does it feel to you like the days are way too full?

How many jobs do you think you have? How many shifts do you cover?

I reckon I have four. And I think I’m not unusual, either.

Today I was making phone calls at 8 a.m. Had to line up HVAC companies to give me an estimate on heating my basement office (screw the insulation). Grilling Chris, the construction guy, about when he’s going to get the cabin work done so that we can take a vacation there.

Then I started my day job.  I mean, the one that I do to make money.

In between trying to earn a living, there’s that second job of taking care of the basics of modern life: The tax return. The interruption for one of the HVAC estimates. Answering emails from friends and colleagues.

That would be enough, really.

Then there’s the third job: trying to stay healthy.

I took a break to go swimming, and – lucky me – the pool is quiet, no kids. Afterwards, a simple whole-food dinner of salad and strip steak.

Just cooking, eating and exercise takes up about three hours a day.  How to squeeze in meditation? Or art therapy?

But I really want to finish a book this year. So the fourth job: writing. After dinner I do research for a book on my brain recovery.

By the time I get around to writing my blog, it’s almost always after 9 p.m. and I’m yawning. Gotta do it every day. Plus take photos.

Is it OK to do four jobs as long as you do one thing at a time?

I know there are plenty of other people who work four jobs – except that one of their jobs is raising children. Or going to college.

When is it too much?

But what would I get rid of?

Today’s penny is a 2004, for the 4 jobs I have.