Detail from "Caesar" by Sara Lindkrantz

Day 40: Wandering in the desert

Forty days. This will be my 40th blog post.

Forty days: It evokes the image of wandering in the desert.

My friend Sara, who is a photographer and artist, does wonderful montages with photos and figures. In one of them (partial version above), there is a man in a worker’s uniform with a push broom over his shoulder. He is striding into the desert.

One man, one broom. The ordinary against the impossible.

Writing a blog every day for 44 years, as I intend to do, is a little like that.

You really can’t think about it as 16,072 blog posts. That seems as crazy as trying to sweep the desert clean.

You just have to get up every day and pick up that broom.

Same with art, too. I have so many ideas for paintings and installations I want to do. They cascade into infinity like sand dunes. Some days I feel like I’m chasing a mirage.

When I see Sara’s work, though, I know what I have to do to get there. She’s just kept at it, experimenting, playing, learning, putting it out there. She gets discouraged and frustrated like any artist, but she continues to pick up that broom.

Today’s penny is an ’08, because Sara has been inspiring me for eight years with her creativity. Thanks, babe.