Labor daze

It’s not that I don’t like the cabin, or my house. I appreciate having solid, wood-lined walls, and a deck where the only view is trees, hillsides and valleys. They’re both at 2,000 feet elevation, so I have a wealth of Southern Appalachian flora and fauna to observe.  What I mind is that owning property … read more Labor daze

Lop lop loppers

On the drive in Friday, Tom flinched every time a branch scraped against Xena on Booger Hollow’s narrow and rhododendron-infested roads. So today, I got out the loppers to trim them back. It was a three-hour chore. But the destructive beast inside me was growling with delight to be off the leash. Loppers were unfamiliar to … read more Lop lop loppers

Old guys who can fix things

When Darren’s father got out of the truck, I was dismayed. This plumbing company is a father-son business. I was hoping that Darren was the father and that he was apprenticing his 20-something son. But Darren, in his late 40s, is the son. His father is 75. Now, don’t get me wrong. Donald, the dad, is … read more Old guys who can fix things

Day 44: Another reason I love the South

I love my termite guy. He shows up once a year, inspects the house inside and out, never criticizes my housekeeping, and I hand him a check for $75. That’s not why I love him, though I am grateful for the professional service. No, what I love is that he likes to talk about bugs, … read more Day 44: Another reason I love the South