Metal to the pedal

With all the winter slip-sliding on the roads, you’re bound to notice dings and scratches on your car when spring rain washes it clean.

But say you can’t afford to re-paint your car. What would you do?

Save your pennies?

Good idea. You’d probably need less than $400 in pennies to cover your car, and then you’d never have to paint it again.

Of course, you’d have to also buy the glue, and you might want to put on a few clear coats to protect the coins.

And keep in mind that the pennies will add a few hundred pounds to the weight of the car. That doesn’t help the gas mileage.

Not to mention the weeks of your time to do the job.

But hey, if you have more time than money, you could end up with a real collector’s item.

This little trick – coating a car with coins – has actually been done more than a few times. Just search for “coin covered car” and you’ll see:

  • A 1949 Cadillac covered in 38,295 pennies
    A Camaro covered with $6,000 in local coins in the United Arab Emirates
    A stretch Limo coated with gold-plated English pennies

A company in Dubai actually has made a business out of covering luxury cars with coins. In Dubai, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling.

I need to get more creative with my pennies when I build the next phase of my sculpture.

And if coins don’t do it for your car, try nail polish or postage stamps.

Today’s penny is a 2015, because it’s so shiny.

Feb 16 2015