Mark of the maker

The two women held up a large item partially encased in bubble wrap. “Where does this go?” they asked. I stared. It took a second to recognize the stained glass lamp – because one side of it was caved in. “It hangs above the dining table,” I said. “But … it’s broken.” I was running … read more Mark of the maker

Written in black ink

We’ve had lots of rain the past few days. The streams are flowing through the woods. The chickadees are tittering and laughing. There are so many things to love about the rain. Most of all, how it strips the trees bare. Naked tree limbs and soaked tree trunks make such lovely patterns against the sky. … read more Written in black ink

From Montaluce to Booger Hollow

Since we have the X3, we can drive straight from our condo in the city all the way to Booger Hollow in the middle of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The ease of making this dramatic transition in less than two hours makes it especially fun. We decided to do that for Labor Day weekend, but … read more From Montaluce to Booger Hollow

In common

Amidst all the uproar about Melania Trump’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama, I couldn’t help but think we’re missing the point here. Republicans and Democrats, black Americans and white Americans, immigrants and native-born Americans – we actually AGREE on some very important things. Mrs. Obama, in her 2008 speech: “Barack and I were raised with so … read more In common

Cats in the wild

An argument’s been raging in Georgia for years now. The believers are fierce and will cuss you out for questioning them. The non-believers are dismissive and condescending. I guess I’m a wanna-believer. This isn’t politics or religion. We’re talking cats. Big Cats. Some people say that there are still Big Cats roaming North Georgia. Cougars, or … read more Cats in the wild

Appalachian spring

I have a CD which is only played in my car during March and April each year. Listening to it animates everything I see. Flowers seem to leap out of the ground, trees burst into leaves before my eyes, squirrels dance and birds pirouette. The allegro section perfectly captures that feeling of the earth giving birth … read more Appalachian spring

The color of invasion

There it is – all along the highway and byways, from Atlanta into the North Georgia mountains – that only-in-springtime color combination – lavender and lime green. It’s the palette of perfume, misty rain and thrusts of life. It’s the color of invasion. It’s the war of wisteria against the youngest, freshest leaves of trees. … read more The color of invasion