Day 76: Heart’s desire

Friday my fortune cookie said, “Your dearest wish will come true.”

Well, that would be nice. Maybe then I’d know what it is.

In the early 1990s, I was struggling to figure out my next steps in life. A very wise friend of mine told me, “The hardest part is knowing what you want.”

So true. Eventually I figured out that what I really wanted was to travel and live overseas, working with journalists in those cultures. After that, I found the way without much difficulty.

I did that for two decades. Now … I need something else.

All this year, I have been struggling again with this basic question. What do I really want? What is my dearest wish?

Every morning I do affirmations along with my forward bends: I remain faithful to the light. I greet each day with gratitude. I create the life that is my heart’s desire.

What is my heart’s desire?

And now I know. Or rather, now I admit.

I want to create. Songs, videos, paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, immersive sensory experiences … all that I imagine, that springs from spirit, that makes me feel I can breathe … the flow that makes me forget time, pain, and the darkness that oozes like a swamp.

Today’s penny is a 2015. Yes. Again. This year. This moment. Now.