Walking in winter

After a leisurely lunch out today, Tom wanted to drive up the mountain and take a walk. I was dragging. Tired and a little queasy. It was cold; I didn’t have my hat and scarf with me.

But we went.

I struggled on the uphill walk, my jacket draped over my head. The wind picked up and I leaned against Tom, breathing the fresh air.

Then we rounded a corner, and the winter light stopped us. So much beauty.winter trees

We stopped to bask in the glow of moss,


and the purples and reds of the berry bushes.


Winter illuminates in a way that the other seasons don’t. The low angle of the sun, the cold air, the empty tree limbs, all create frames for each savored snippet of green.


Because we are moving more slowly in winter, if we lift our heads even a little we see more beauty.

winter sky

We notice the moss and the clouds.

I dread winter and today I don’t like this one. My brain is only moving at winter speed. My body is repaired but lingers in this phase of healing.

Today’s penny is a 2015. The year is seared into my brain, forcing me to see winter’s beauty.

2015 for Jan 16

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