Wherever you are

We waited all week for it. Everyone’s watching the weather report, changing their plans, buying extra groceries.

Me, I went to Atlanta and stayed here.

We didn’t escape the snow. Atlanta caught the tail of Jonas, and the white crystals snuck in this evening.

The view from the condo is not as nice as at home, but there are distant lights that catch the glowing layer of white on the trees, shrubs, and earth. You can remember it even with a mediocre iPhone camera.

city snow

That white stuff turns even car hoods into tri-valued abstracts:

car snow

And leaves of ivy into Rorschach green-ink tests:

ivy snow

I’m not sorry that I’m away from home, because I’m with Tom.

Besides, it’s another exercise in seeing beauty wherever you are.

[PS, and here’s how it looked the next morning:]

condo morning snow

Today’s penny is a 2014, the year Tom bought the condo.