America’s houses

If you took yesterday’s Census quiz, maybe you’d like to know the answers. They’re at the bottom of this post. If you didn’t, it’s not to late to go back now and take it before you see the answers: Census quiz on American society

Don’t feel bad if this quiz was a struggle for you. Two-thirds of the people who took the American society quiz got none or only one right. If you got two right, you’re in the upper third of respondents. And if you got three right, you’re in the top 10 percent. No one got four or five right. I seriously doubt that I would have gotten any answers right before I did the research.

glass houses
Meanwhile – try this quiz – six questions about housing in the U.S. – also based on the Census survey data. Be sure to click SUBMIT when you’re finished. I’ll post the answers tomorrow.

Here are the answers for yesterday’s quiz:
-35.8 percent of women who gave birth in the past year were unmarried
-36.4 percent of grandparents who live with their grandchildren under 18 were responsible for those grandchildren
-30.1 percent of Americans 25 or older have a bachelor’s degree or higher
-About 20 million Americans are veterans
-14.9 percent of Americans live in a different place than they did a year ago

You can see the full “social characteristics” profile here: US Social ACS 2014

Today’s penny is 2014, the latest survey year for which the data are available. Check back in September for the 2015 numbers!