Lost in the snow

Nothing around me is familiar.

Only one house is visible, far in the distance. The street I crossed a few minutes before was unmarked. I followed an old road bed up into the woods until it stopped dead.

Nothing now but snow, trees, shadows, and silence.

A perfect afternoon to be lost.

Though the temperature was in the 30s, the sky was unbroken blue and sunlight melted most of the snow and ice off the roads by noon. I walked down to the nearest trailhead, wandered it until the trail ended, and kept going deeper into the woods.

In the unbroken snow, my own tread gives me the route back.

I’m free to go anywhere my eyes draw me.

To the place where time does not exist …

Lost in the exact moment that surrounds me.

All barriers lowered, the mystery of tracks,

the ease of white against gray…

Snow glitters down from high branches in a crystal mist.

Clean air pulled in cold, exhaled warm.

No destination.

Only the next moment, and the next becomes now.

Crouched in silence, kneeling next to green,

entering the grain.

Floating on top, sinking inside, sated by beauty, filled with the Light.

When I got home, I was not quite sure that I really had been there.

Glad to have taken photos. Today’s penny is a 2013, the year I bought the camera that I carried with me.

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