Whack job

For seven months I have been patiently growing out my hair. After it was shaved in one place for the brain fluid drain and then chopped off by the nurse tech, I figured that my hair, like my brain, needed time to recover.

Eventually my hair was long enough that the weight of it was pulling out the natural curl. Yesterday I got it cut.

I went to a place that specializes in curly hair. The stylist told me she’d been cutting hair for more than 10 years when she was hired, but was still required to go to a special school just to learn the right way to cut curly hair.

I filled out a lengthy form about my hair, including my goals for my hair. Really? It’s hard enough to come up with goals for my career and personal life – now my hair has to have goals, too??

The stylist didn’t look at the form. She talked to me, inspected my hair, and began to cut.

I told her that I use a texturizing scissors on it, because it’s so thick and heavy on top. She frowned and said, “We don’t recommend that.”

When she was finished, a huge pile of hair lay on the floor. That always gives me a queasy feeling, to see my hair on the floor. It’s like having a limb cut off.

Then she shaved my neck.

That’s how I knew it really was too short. I’ve NEVER had my hair so short that I needed a neck shave. That’s my neck in the featured image above.

After washing my hair, she put a ton of gel on it and made me sit under a bonnet hair dryer until it had hardened into lacquer.  I didn’t actually expect it to look good after that, and it didn’t. It looked like a helmet.

helmet hair

At $70, it was the most expensive haircut I’ve ever had.

I stayed away from mirrors the rest of the day. Today I washed all the goop out and let it air-dry.

It’s a little better, but it still looks flat. Not the fluffy curls that I know it’s capable of.

Hard to believe that someone who specializes in curly hair could spend so much time cutting mine and yet actually reduce the curliness.

day after hair

Oh well. It’ll grow out eventually. Meanwhile, have a peek at my neck.

Today’s penny is a 2015. That was when I was cutting my own hair – and it looked fine.

2 thoughts on “Whack job”

  1. Mention of your neck reminded me of that old, worn out joke about two kindergarten kids, Carl & Jake, who were evaluating the girls in their class. Jake spied Gracie and asked for Carl’s opinion.

    Carl: Her neck’s dirty.
    Jake: Her Does?

    Your neck passes inspection.

  2. I love it. If you’re wanting more wave — try Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion. You can buy it on Amazon and a bottle lasts ages and ages. Tiny bit, scrunch and your curls are back.

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