Shifting light frames

The sky has been strange lately, like it can’t make up its mind. Rain, or not rain? Clouds move in and out, the light changes, but no rain.

This kind of light, though, frames single objects in a particular way that makes it easier to see beauty.

Today I was hiking along a lovely and tranquil creek, with the light shifting constantly between the large old trees and sparkling off the water.

I had to watch my footing on the root-rambling trail. When I glanced out at the creek, one spot caught my eye.

The featured image (top) shows you the full view I had of the creek. Do you see what got my attention?

Look a little closer:

creek closer

Do you see her?

That purple stands out against the dark creek water lined with rocks and clay. Framed by lighter rocks, and the dark green foliage and brown bark of trees.

It was a lobelia.

Zooming in more:

creek and lobelia

The lone flowering lobelia.

She and a dozen other plants scratch out a living on the rock in a bare sprinkling of soil.

The light was fading fast, and I wasn’t carrying a tripod. So my camera movement with the zoom lens blurred her.

I like the blur. She’s dancing, maybe laughing.


There are gifts all around us. We have to go out and look for their frames to find them, though.

Today’s penny is a 2012. That’s the first year I found and identified lobelias in the wild on my own.

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