Yakking, and other verbal skills

I was joking with the neurosurgery staff from the moment I woke up from anesthesia. “Why’d you let me sleep so long? I’m really hungry! I haven’t eaten since yesterday lunchtime!! Bring some damn food!” Smile.

I’ve been reading emails twice a day on my phone. I’ve talked to two of my sisters, too. Yak, yak, yak – I was full speed ahead – and they couldn’t believe I could talk so normally just three days after brain surgery.

Yesterday I talked to Sara, and she wrote in an email, “I am still STUNNED/ASTOUNDED/SHOCKED at how energetic and upbeat you sounded.  INCREDIBLE.”

I talked to my investment counselor today to wrap up a transaction we’d started before the aneurysm.

I answered a nice email from my chiropractor, and I wrote an email to reassure the funders of our Pakistan project that I will recover fine.

It’s as though my brain wants to immediately prove that it is OK. And verbal skills are the first (maybe easiest) ones to show off.

Or just that my brain has a lot to say about what’s gone on since Sunday.

That will be the first blog post and I plan to write it tomorrow.

Today’s penny is a 2015. I’d like to put in a 1961, the first year I could talk, but the 2015 will have to stand in as a rep of the day I found my voice.

[This post was written from notes, after the fact, and published for Nov. 19.]