Painting with pieces of paper

Time is a deterrent to painting. By the time I clear a space to work, get out and set up the paints and brushes and canvas and easel, decide what to paint, and then allow time for cleaning up and putting away – well, I need three hours to do a session of any value.

And most days, I don’t have three hours to spare.

So I’m really loving this “seven shapes” exercise, which I do in about half an hour.

I try to do one figure, one landscape, and then just play with complementary colors and composition.

Here’s my figure for today:


Here’s today’s landscape:


Playing with the idea of propulsion, I liked this effect:


This one was my first, instantaneous response to the today’s shapes, and I like it as well as any of the planned “paintings”:

abstract shapes 13
Today’s abstract

It’s astonishing to me how much there is to discover in this simple play.

And how soothing it is. Yesterday, when I wasn’t able to even do the half-hour, I felt very irritated and deprived, as though I hadn’t had enough sleep.

This kind of play is relaxing like sleep is. It allows my brain to work through ideas in a very tactile way.

Day 130’s penny is a 2015, and that’s me, dancing in a sea of purple.

day 130 2015