Cry me a river

It comes out of nowhere. I’m going through the day just fine, and then suddenly I’m sobbing.

No apparent reason. I don’t even feel depressed. But I’m crying my heart out.

Sometimes it’s a couple times, or three times. Today, five or six times.

I don’t know what it’s about.

OK, I’m alone most of the day and I’m often exhausted and I can’t seem to make my brain do anything.

But I *prefer* being alone, usually. The rest of it is, well, normal for someone who had brain surgery just a few weeks ago.

Crying is probably a normal response from a brain that’s been hit hard, although they don’t tell you that in the discharge info. But the crying itself makes me feel worse sometimes.

It’s as though I can hear a crying child in the distance, and don’t know where she is or what to do for her.

I don’t know this person who is sobbing.