Day 49: I’ve seen better

The day started out well enough – extra time in the morning with Tom is the best way I can think of to ease into a new week.

Nothing particularly bad happened during the day. Mostly routine, but not boring.

But somehow, at 2:30, I felt like I couldn’t really do anything else today.

I did, of course. I attended to the necessary work and domestic chores, I ate a healthy dinner. I watched a movie.

Yet the weight hung on me, all the way through “Dirty Dancing.” You’d think that watching Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze do The Lift would have cured me of anything.

It helped, but still.

I could only speculate aloud (on Facebook), “Maybe tomorrow will be better.”

My friends rushed to reply.

A friend in Pakistan sent me the clip of Doris Day singing “Que Sera, Sera.”  A North Georgia pal posted a gorgeous sunset photo.

A very wise cousin said, “Have a day, whatever kind you allow yourself, have a day.” A local artist said, “Grab your sketch pad first thing!”

And a former editor – one who made me laugh every day when I was a young reporter, oh so very long ago – wrote, “Hope so, kiddo. I find every day bright. I wish that for you.”

I got The Lift. Way, way above even Patrick Swayze.

This penny is 1987, for the year “Dirty Dancing” came out.

Day 49 1987 lift

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