A weekend of tapas

It was all laid out before us: shrimp Diablo, buffalo sausage, Moroccan crepe, lobster bisque, marinated Greek white beans, winter hummus, artisanal cheese, European olives …

That was just the first meal. Then there was the shrimp with grits and andouille, filet mignon on eggs Benedict, bourbon-glazed salmon, garlic-roasted potatoes, Key Lime cheesecake, chocolate truffle cake…

And that’s just what we ate.

When I close my eyes, I see a reclining dress made of glass,

Reclining Dress Impression with Drapery, cast glass; Karen LaMonte, 2006

and the Burning of the Philadelphia

Edward Moran, 1897, “The Burning of the Philadelphia”

And that was just in their permanent collection.

I dreamed about the dragon’s descendant


A cloud of floating white spirits


One clownish funny face


And a grinning gator trio.


And we really could have spent another day there.

That’s not to mention the famous train station


Sunset over the river


And walking comfortably everywhere.

No, we did not fly to New York for a getaway.

A weekend in Chattanooga was like a dinner of tapas: sampling many treats, intense in flavor, but you don’t feel bloated at the end of it. Just happy.

Pardon me, boy. That is definitely the choo-choo. And also the cha-cha.

Today’s penny is 2002 – the year that Terra Nostra Tapas Restaurant opened in Chattanooga on the North Shore.