Dying beauty

When I got up this morning, all four of them were nearly dead. I was thrilled. Death has never been a taboo subject for me. In photography, I love shooting dead and dying things – old buildings, insects, cemeteries, birds, racoons. Last week I got this beautiful amaryllis as a gift. It was in full bloom. … read more Dying beauty

Slivers of autumn light

There’s a light that comes in the fall, one that gathers up everything it touches with warmth and death. In this light even the simplest thing – a tiny crack in the wood of the porch railing – glows and pulses. I was out there this morning, camera in hand, keeping my promise to the day. Hypermacro … read more Slivers of autumn light

Day 95: Memory guts

When we lose a memory, where does it go? Inside the guts of a computer, the information is still there even if we can no longer activate it. That must be why I’ve kept this decade-old Vaio laptop in storage for almost five years. Couldn’t bear to just toss it in the trash. It holds … read more Day 95: Memory guts

Day 57: Spirits of light

I love photography because I love the light. When all else fails me, I can remain faithful to the light. These photos were taken in winter, when we cling to the scant light and try to amplify it, warm our hands by it. I was studying video tutorials today, and the endless details of formats, scanning and … read more Day 57: Spirits of light