Keeping watch

Time was that I could rattle off the election regulations for Georgia – the Republic of Georgia, that is. In 2000, 2001 and 2002, I was in Tbilisi for a month at a time, working with local journalists to help them cover elections. Part of training them about their role in a new democracy was to train … read more Keeping watch

Rainy day spirits

It’s just crumpled plastic wrap. It’s sitting there in the trash can in big wads. I took a quick snapshot of the plastic wrap to illustrate my post about unwrapping. But the light in the office is good – subdued, cloudy, coming through the windows and skylights in filtered soft grey because the rain is pouring … read more Rainy day spirits

I’ve just seen a face

I was relaxing on the porch, enjoying the morning solitude of Booger Hollow. Thinking about my life and what to do with it. Then I saw a face. A woman. A slender face. Long slim nose, pouty red lips, very high cheekbones, ivory skin. Somehow she looks Japanese. It honestly took me a minute to believe … read more I’ve just seen a face

Separate but not equal

The northern suburbs of Atlanta don’t actually end. They just hit the mountains and crawl up the sides of them. In nearly nine years that I’ve lived here, I’ve watched new housing developments fill in land that was farms and forest. The prices on the billboards run from “the $200s” to “the $700s”. All the … read more Separate but not equal