Bodies of light

I’m a window person, not an aisle person. 

When you’re 35,000 feet above the ground, you can see how small we are, and how big the earth is. I want to see that every chance I get.

The clouds from the window on the flight yesterday were spectacular. Towering bodies of bulky white, spirit formations that spilled across the sky. 

They were at our height, laughing across the sea of airy water:

They reminded me to be unafraid. They reminded me of my own luminous spirit body, the one that will someday join them.

Tonight when we were sitting outside enjoying the deck at our AirBnB home, they appeared again. Framed by sunset and trees, they frolicked against the fading light.

You can see anything you want out there – menacing demon or angel of grace. 

I see bodies of light, ready to embrace me when I cross over.

Today’s penny is a 2014. That’s the year I saw the luminous body of my friend while doing Reiki on her.