Notes to self

Every once in awhile, you get around to cleaning out files, folders, and even really littered spots like the Notes app on your iPhone.

Warning: If you don’t do this very often, you will find many notes that have lost all meaning.

For example: What the hell is a “shark connector”? Do I have one in my house? Why?

It seems to have something to do with the plumbing:

Shark connectors are now installed
So valve will come off without cutting the pipes

But where are they?

It appears that I made this note in case I ever need to take off the valve where the shark connector is.

The trouble is, if I ever need to take off that valve, wherever it is, the odds that I would check my iPhone Notes app for information are about 0.000008 in 1,000.

Another mystery note says simply,

Socks: Balega

Hmmm. Does “balega” mean “putrid” in some other language? Or is it the word for “socks” in yet another language? Is this a note about particularly bad socks to stay away from? Or a recommendation for good socks?

Context is lost over time. Without context, this note is worse than unhelpful.

Speaking of socks, my Notes clean-out operation also yielded some gems.

Like this one titled “On Paired Socks.”

It is wisdom from Tom. He offered it when I was in despair about the fact that I had so many mismatched socks:

“The secret to solving so many of these problems is just to stop caring.”

He’s so right.

And that advice goes for Notes, too.

Today’s penny is 2014, the year of both socks Notes.

[Featured image: socks by Balega, via]