Kickin’ it

I didn’t know what to wear. Tina said exercise pants below the knee, a T-shirt, tennis shoes. I don’t have any exercise pants that aren’t shorts or full-length. I don’t have “tennis shoes,” only running shoes. My T-shirts are in storage boxes or else are abominable rags. After a lot of contemplation, I chose stretchy … read more Kickin’ it

A change of plan

Chance of thunderstorms was around 50 percent, but we thought the skies had cleared. The last lightning strike had hit more than 45 minutes before. So we piled into the car to drive to the pool. We really wanted to go swimming. It’s still hot, another long day, and we wanted to exercise in the water. Skies were grey … read more A change of plan

Big booties to fill

Been thinking about Grandma Alma again. Alma had a husband who made her promise to keep the family together and then died leaving her with eight small children, no money and a mortgage she couldn’t pay, and then people bought her farm stuff for pennies at auction and some of them never paid her. I … read more Big booties to fill

Fitbit cheats

With all the schlepping I am doing lately, I figured it would be nice to get at least some kind of credit for it. So I donned Tom’s cast-off first-generation Fitbit. It’s great to get that little party on your wrist when you’ve taken 10,000 steps in a day. In the past couple weeks, I’ve been … read more Fitbit cheats

Target achieved

It took five months. But today I achieved my target weight. I’m finally at a “normal” weight, instead of “overweight,” for my height, according to the standards of the Body Mass Index. I’ve lost 25 pounds since March 1. That’s an average of about a pound a week, which is the pace at which weight-loss … read more Target achieved

A diet that actually works

Today when I was dressing for water aerobics class, several ladies asked if I had lost weight. “Yes, I have!” I said. “Fifteen pounds in about two months.” “Wow!” they said. “You look great. How’d you do it?” So I told them. And now, for free and with no obligation, I will tell you. There … read more A diet that actually works

Like that

Some ladies in my community wear makeup to water aerobics class. They don’t like to get their coiffed hair wet either. If I were still in my 30s I might make fun of them for that … but we’re all getting older, aren’t we? They look nice when they leave the fitness center – unlike me, with … read more Like that

Sticking to it

There seems to be a conspiracy afoot to keep me from my goals of losing weight, painting my sketched concepts, and writing a book. Just in the last four months, my brain blew up. My shoulder froze. Big projects at the cabin need supervision. I signed up with an unhelpful self-publishing program. And now the … read more Sticking to it