Seven pairs of pants

Since I’ve lost 25 pounds, all but a few pairs of pants are now too big for me. So I still look fat, wearing all these baggy clothes. I hate shopping, though, especially clothes shopping. And ESPECIALLY pants shopping. Because you have to try on soooooo many pairs to find pants that fit right and that aren’t … read more Seven pairs of pants

Target achieved

It took five months. But today I achieved my target weight. I’m finally at a “normal” weight, instead of “overweight,” for my height, according to the standards of the Body Mass Index. I’ve lost 25 pounds since March 1. That’s an average of about a pound a week, which is the pace at which weight-loss … read more Target achieved

Day 22: A penny from the Empire State Building

There are no end to urban myths, and so naturally there is one about pennies:  ‘A tourist tossed a penny from the top of the Empire State Building to make a wish, and killed someone on the sidewalk below.’ This article explains why such a small object can’t kill you. (Note the inaccuracy – the article … read more Day 22: A penny from the Empire State Building