Day 84: Another wind

While my mom dances on the wind, I am stuck down here on earth with all the bad things I inherited from her.

The tension forms rocks in my lower back, my shoulder blades. I get mad, impatient, worried, upset, and it locks into place.

I really try to relax. I deep breathe, stretch, meditate, exercise. 

And yet the rocks are lodged there.

I don’t know what is making them so bad now. I only know that they won’t go away today.

Maybe this is a trivial battle, compared to the sufferings of so many people on the planet. But even that suffering – the injustice, the unfairness of it – is part of my battle to relax. How can I relax, when there is so much wrong for so many people?

Today’s penny is one of those that is so covered in crud that the date is obliterated.

One thought on “Day 84: Another wind”

    Not sure if this would help you. I do this to relax sometimes. They have books and you tube videos too. Constant struggle I think is passed on from Moms. My daughter has it from me. Anxiety I had from finding myself pregnant right after I had just had a high risk pregnancy. Your mom probably had anxiety from her “surprise” with you and how it happened. Wishing you peace 🙂

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