Just another morning

[Thursday Aug. 11]   Today, Dad would have been 96 years old. I begged him to help me get through the day. It’s been a week since the tree fell on our house, and six days since Tom got out of rehab. The days are too long, and not long enough. I usually wake up at … read more Just another morning

Hold that music!

How long now have companies had customer service lines? Fifty years? Eighty? So why is it that they have not yet figured out hold music? Anyone who’s calling customer service already has a problem. So a company should start the conversation pleasantly, right? But no. We’re already irritated with the product, service or website when we pick up the … read more Hold that music!

The same, but moreso

DECEMBER 20: One thing I’ve noticed about my recovery-era feelings and behaviors is that they are unquestionably genuine. I don’t have to wonder whether they are some psychodrama I’m re-enacting, or some manipulative behavior that my devious subconscious has come up with. They come straight from inside my own head, unfiltered, authentic. And they’re not … read more The same, but moreso