My biggest accomplishment today was that I got a very low level of Internet service for our house. The service, which tops out at 5 Megabits per second download, is what we’ve had for the past nine years living in the mountains. That’s considered very sub-par by national standards – the FCC defines “broadband” as 25 … read more 1Mbps????

The secret friend

You know when you’re little and you have a secret friend? Someone you made up but you tell everyone about them, play with their invisible self while talking to them, and insist that this friend is real? My sisters tell me I had a “secret friend” named Patty. At least I think that’s the name. I don’t … read more The secret friend

The silence of the ferns

It was nearly sunset as I crashed through the forest. I usually make some noise while hiking in areas with bears, wild hogs and snakes, so that they have a chance to clear out before I confront them. Plus, I’d just left a community jam session, and the little bit of sing-along got my musical heart beating. … read more The silence of the ferns

Appalachian spring

I have a CD which is only played in my car during March and April each year. Listening to it animates everything I see. Flowers seem to leap out of the ground, trees burst into leaves before my eyes, squirrels dance and birds pirouette. The allegro section perfectly captures that feeling of the earth giving birth … read more Appalachian spring

Like that

Some ladies in my community wear makeup to water aerobics class. They don’t like to get their coiffed hair wet either. If I were still in my 30s I might make fun of them for that … but we’re all getting older, aren’t we? They look nice when they leave the fitness center – unlike me, with … read more Like that

Hold that music!

How long now have companies had customer service lines? Fifty years? Eighty? So why is it that they have not yet figured out hold music? Anyone who’s calling customer service already has a problem. So a company should start the conversation pleasantly, right? But no. We’re already irritated with the product, service or website when we pick up the … read more Hold that music!

My reluctant brain

Even when I was in the hospital, just days after surgery, I was incredulous to find that my brain won’t listen to me. Me: “With all this laying-around time, I could catch up on my reading!” Brain: “Nope. No books.” Me: “How about magazines? Lots of pretty pictures!” Brain: “Nope. No magazines.” Me: “Hey, we … read more My reluctant brain