A spooky hike

Yet another day of sunshine and 80+ degrees. I put aside the work I couldn’t finish, and went to do the toughest hike in the community. Fall colors relaxed my eyes as the dry leaves crackled under my feet. But something was strange… The forest was silent. Completely silent. I puzzled over it, then realized that … read more A spooky hike

Day 55: The September 1st breeze

When I moved to North Georgia, I noticed that there was a certain breeze that arrived every year around September 1. A breeze that was not fresh like the breezes of spring, or humid like the hot breezes of summer. A breeze that bites with ice. It’s distinct from the lovely breezes that start cooling off the … read more Day 55: The September 1st breeze

Day 42: Sister Rain

I love a rainy day. It calms the mind, with its flow and its gentle patter. The drops break light into diamonds and glass. Especially I love rain when other people love it, too. Like when you’ve had a hot summer with not enough rain. Lately when I’ve been hiking, it makes me sad and a bit … read more Day 42: Sister Rain