Better living through plastic plumbing

It’s an odd feeling to look into the guts of your house. To see the secret space where the house’s invisible life carries on through water and drain pipes, air ducts, propane and electrical lines. It’s like seeing a scan of your brain.  A little creepy, but fascinating. As of today, our house has veins and arteries – … read more Better living through plastic plumbing

Old guys who can fix things

When Darren’s father got out of the truck, I was dismayed. This plumbing company is a father-son business. I was hoping that Darren was the father and that he was apprenticing his 20-something son. But Darren, in his late 40s, is the son. His father is 75. Now, don’t get me wrong. Donald, the dad, is … read more Old guys who can fix things

The plumber’s daughter

Most folks do not look forward to a discussion about septic tanks, I’m told. I do, though. We had a local construction guy, Chris, out to the cabin today, to look over our septic and water supply situation, and I anticipated it with a kind of glee. Toilets, gas lines, water lines, furnaces, AC, gray water, … read more The plumber’s daughter