Thought replacement

Seems like every day I hear about something that someone replaced. Hip replacement. Hair replacement. Or they replaced their stove, their car, their bathroom.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to the doctor, or the store, and get thought replacement?

Old thought: I’m so fat.

New thought: I really enjoy eating, good thing that I’m well-off enough to have decent food available all the time. I’d be just as happy if I ate less and savored it more.

Old thought: This house is soooo dirty. Man, I hate cleaning.

New thought: I am so lucky to have a safe place to live, and furniture too. I’ll take ten minutes to vacuum and then tomorrow I can dust.

Old thought: Dang, I’m so slow to learn anything!

New thought: It’s so amazing that the brain can continue to learn for your whole life. I think I’ll take a break from studying and come back after a cup of herbal tea.

Old thought: I’ve got to get more exercise, but I’m so tired.

New thought: Hey, no tornadoes!  I think I’ll take a slow walk and enjoy the evening.

Old thought: This is been the most incredibly long day and I am so wound up. I think I’ll have a double martini.

New thought: That was a tough day, glad I made it through and I did my best. I’m awesome. And now I get to put work aside. I’m really glad that I don’t work 12-hour days in a factory in China. I think I’ll cook some stir-fry and have a club soda with fresh lime.

Old thought: Why are people so stupid!?! It’s like he’s not even listening to the directions I just gave.

New thought: Gosh, I guess my directions weren’t as clear as I thought they were, or maybe this person has trouble absorbing information that’s given verbally. I’ve had that problem myself. I’m going to give this guy a break and just smile instead. What goes around, comes around.

Old thought: I’m such a failure, I never finish anything.

New thought: Gee, I really like doing this, and I could spend time on it this weekend. That will be fun!

Old thought: I’d really like to keep a blog, but I just don’t have time.

New thought: Maybe if I just write a few words every day and publish it, I’ll get in the habit of writing and it’ll get easier.

Today’s penny is a 2015, for when I started this blog, almost eight months ago.

feb 27 2015

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