Certain kind of wind

Cold that comes in the wrong month,

big oaks have to bend,

light that’s caught in the leaves,

a certain kind of wind


Air from the Caucasus,

memory of other breezes,

uneven breath, an old man’s sighs,

homesick for an unknown place


Movement without purpose,

shapes without form,

stirred restless without progress,

old movies on a torn screen


Tears in the morning,

things left unsaid,

cold whispers of childhood,

nothing has healed


Friends lost,

friends dying,

people who will never meet


Bird songs muffled by ruffled feathers,

barred owls calling in the empty night,

questions left unanswered


Losing your balance,

falling alone,

love that doesn’t know how,


Shadows on the branches,

dancing on frail limbs

the smell of snow


Ocean beaches in storm,

rocky shore upheaval,

washing over the bed unbidden


Fighting to swim,

floating on currents

of cold in the warmest months

Today’s penny is unreadable, date unknown.

June 7 unknown penny